Sunday, 4 July 2010

Brighton Part 1

A while ago (yes, it was quite a while ago!) I blogged some photos from mine and Kate's trip to Brighton which I took with my Diana Mini camera. Well i also took some photos with my digital camera, but for some reason totally forgot to upload them. Yes, I realise I am an idiot, and I have no explanation to offer you, so just suck it up and look at the photos, yeah?

feet on the beach (mine are the Converse)

taking photos of Kate taking photos

instax pic of the old pier

books in a window

mirror self-portrait (we take a LOT of these because we are just so awesome)

Lanes cafe and my feet (love love love the colours of this place)

Brighton graffiti...

...and some more

pretty coloured houses that I would like to live in

Part 2 will follow very shortly - I don't like uploading loads of photos into one post, but I'm not sure if it just annoys other people when reading my blog. But I'm in charge round here, so what I say goes. Unless someone else says otherwise, and then I will probably change it to suit them. That's the kind of girl I am. xxx

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