Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Brighton Part 2

As promised about a week and a half ago, here is the second installment to my original Brighton post. Apologies for the rather big delay - last week I took a short course at LCC in Visual Thinking, which ate up pretty much my entire life for 5 days. But more on that tomorrow, along with some photos of my sketchbook and final project from the course. For now, on with the show...

Snoopers' Paradise = love

Rainbow coloured polka dots on buildings are my favourite

Kate taking a snap

Brighton Pier

Giant ice cream cone - I want one for my bedroom!

Fish and chips which we resisted

seagulls watching our every move...

we made ourselves a little reminder of the day

Kate changing the film in her camera

All in all a very lovely day which I hope we will be able to repeat again very soon - maybe when the sun is out a bit more, as it was a bit grey when we visited. Oh well, this is England after all!

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