Friday, 4 March 2016

Look At The Stars Papercut

So I am more than a little bit late sharing this papercut piece, but I wanted to share it with you guys anyway. My mum is a huge Coldplay fan, so for Christmas I made her this A4 size papercut piece featuring some of her favourite Coldplay lyrics. I love the sentiment behind this quote too - it feels particularly poignant because of all the things my Mum does for me and for so many others.

I've really been bitten by the papercutting bug, and have another three pieces to share with you guys, but I will try and space them out so I don't bore you! Because my drawing skills are on par with that of a two year old child I don't dare attempt to design my own papercut piece and instead use printable templates I've found on Etsy. These are all paid ones (because I love to support other creatives wherever possible) but you can often find awesome free ones via Google or Pinterest.


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