Wednesday, 9 March 2016

A Visit to Mim's

Last week I visited my friend Mim for the day (she is on instagram as @madebymim so you should definitely go and follow her!) for a spot of business planning as Mim now sells her ridiculously awesome creations over in her Etsy shop. Girl dates are my absolute favourite, especially when they also involve sausage dogs, homemade cake, copious amounts of tea, and spending the time in a house as gorgeous as Mim's!

Most of the time was spent nattering (obviously) but I did remember to snap a handful of photos. Sadly the daylight had gone by the time I realised I hadn't photographed her new sewing room, so I shall have to take some next time I visit.

Whenever I visit Mim's she always serves pots of tea on the coolest trays and cups and saucers. Everything she owns is totally awesome and snapworthy! How cute is this vintage kittens tray?

That black globe is on my current 'to find and buy' list as I've been coveting them for so long! Mega thanks to Mim for being such an amazing hostess - next time I visit we are planning on doing a photoshoot with some of her handmade goodies so I will be sure to share some behind the scenes photos of what we get up to!

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I love getting comments and read every single one. I try to check out the blogs of people who leave comments, and reply wherever possible :) Thank you! xoxo