Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Crochet Maybelle Flower Squares

Over the last few months I've shared some photos on instagram of one of my ongoing crochet projects, which is a blanket made up of crochet maybelle flower squares. Browsing on Pinterest I totally fell in love with the pattern, and it is a lot easier than it looks (my favourite type of crochet project!) Each squares starts off as a maybelle flower - you can find the pattern for these right here. For my flowers and squares I used DK yarn (a mix of different ones but mostly the Stylecraft cheap stuff!) and a 4mm hook.

The flowers look super pretty just on their own, and you could make tons of things using them as they are. But to turn them into squares you need the tutorial over on My Rose Valley which explains how to add the extra rounds that turns it from a flower shape into a nice neat square that's easy to make into blankets/pillows/scarves/bags and whatever else you'd like!

I decided to edge all my flowers in a cream/off white yarn to really make the flowers pop and highlight their shape. Although I haven't decided on how big I want my final blanket to be, at the moment I am aiming to make it 8 squares by 8 squares (as the squares are a decent size.) So I'm using 8 different colour yarns, and crocheting 8 flowers from each colour. Rather than chop and change between the yarn colours, I am crocheting all the flower centres first, and then edging them all at once. Once the blanket is finished I'll be sure to post some more photos so you can see the final result! Have any of you made anything using this pattern?

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