Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Winter Walks

The weather lately has been pretty gloomy, grey, overcast, and WET. This does not make for particularly enjoyable dog walks (unless you really enjoy being caked in mud) or for particularly attractive photographs of said dog walks! However we have had the odd few bright days inbetween and so I took my camera along with me on one of these days. I was amazed by how Autumnal everything looks, though considering how mild the temperatures have been for December it shouldn't really have surprised me.

We are lucky to have quite a few open spaces around us to take the dogs to - these photos were taken by the canal and fields that run just behind our house. Because Jasper can't walk very far (he's 15 years old now, so an old man!) but Poppy (who is 3 years old) has boundless energy, we take Jasper's pushchair with us so he can have a ride if he gets tired. Yes, we are those people that have a dog pushchair. It's pretty cute though and, more importantly, entirely practical and very necessary as he has bad legs and is old!

I'm looking forward to the weather improving though, and the days getting longer. We have to walk the dogs by about 3pm to get home before it gets dark at the moment, which is crazy! Bring on those long summer evenings!


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