Tuesday, 5 January 2016

i heart iphone photos

So December disappeared in a total blur. As did most of 2015 as a matter of fact. After month's like those I particularly enjoy looking back through my iphone photos to see what I actually did during that time - so here is a round up of December's pics. (All photo descriptions are clockwise from top left.)

hanging out at the Betty magazine Christmas party because we love Betty! // launching our new glittery jewellery range including super sparkly collar clips // learning to knit (again) with Wool and the Gang at the Etsy UK headquarters // trying out lots of new crochet stitches and making some pretty cute crocheted dishcloths to boot

 we created lots of new products for our Christmas fairs and markets, particularly focusing on stocking filler gifts like these teardrop pendant necklaces // our stall at the Etsy UK event in Soho which was such a super fun but tiring weekend // these banner necklaces were really popular in the run up to Christmas - I pretty much went cross-eyed painting all the little details in // two sneaky pre-Christmas gifts to myself bought from an awesome vintage stall at Pexmas market

 craft dates with some of my favourite people who I've met through Instagram // starting (yet another) new crochet blanket comprised of these beautiful Maybelle flower squares // meeting Carina's totally adorable dog Blake // cutest ever candy cane storage in the form of this vintage poodle planter

 my cutie patootie DIY pom pom christmas tree // working on a papercut piece for my Mum for Xmas // buying unnecessary things from Ikea (like this cloud cushion) // getting all the cute socks for Christmas, and then wanting to wear them all at once...

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