Friday, 1 January 2016

New Year Goals

So 2015 was kind of a bummer year for me. Which is actually understating it rather a lot. 2015 is one of my worst years ever, for a lot of reasons. It was a year of one pitfall after another and that, coupled with a crippling spell of depression, left me struggling constantly to stay afloat.

But this post isn't about that. This post is about how I'm going to get back on track, and make 2016 a year full of accomplishments and big changes in my life. And even though I'm pretty sure nobody but me is interested in them, I wanted to write my goals for the new year here so I have a public record of what I'm setting out to acheive....

Personal Goals:

- pass my driving test
- go on a self-imposed spending ban (and try and save some money for the future)
- propagate some of my succulents
- use my sewing machine more
- give pilates and yoga a proper try (and not just give up after one failed class)
- visit some new parts of the the UK (and meet up with online friends while I'm there!)
- throw myself some sort of 30th birthday party
- finish three crochet blankets (and try and crochet more to auction for charity)
- create something every day, no matter how small
- declutter my life and get better at letting go of objects
- learn to play the ukelele
- expand my cooking skills and knowledge (and finally test some of those recipes I've had on my pinterest board for years)
- read twenty new books
- be happy

Business Goals:

- collaborate with at least four other designer makers 
- develop my photography and styling skills
- have a DIY project published in a magazine
- revamp my website and blog
- send regular email newsletters
- run a Ladybird Likes pop up shop
- have some professional product photos taken
- set up a kickstarter to raise funds for some new ranges for Ladybird Likes 
- set myself a weekly routine and stick to it
- grow my blog into something I'm really proud of 
- write a Ladybird Likes zine
- work more with bloggers/instagrammers to help promote my brand
- expand my range massively

What are your goals for 2016? I'd love to have a read, and maybe we can keep each other motivated?


  1. Great goals. I really hope you achieve everything you want to achieve this year. You deserve it :) x

  2. I'd be pleased to just grow my blog! That's a lot of goals, good luck with it all but don't over do it. Happy 2016 xx

  3. Great goals!!! It's been really nice getting to know you a little bit through your blog this year and I loved the things I ordered. Plus, I received one of your typewriter key necklaces for Christmas as my sister in law saw I liked your things on my blog and ordered me one! Hurrah! x

  4. I'm sure 2016 will be much better for you!

  5. i've not even made goals of any kind yet, but i'm on it! i really hope 2016 will be much better for you (and i'm sure it will) and i hope you achieve your goals; so happy new year! xx

  6. That's a lot of goals Zoe! I wish you every success, and can't wait to hear how some of these get put into action. Hope 2016 is an amazing one for you x

  7. Good luck with your goals & I hope 2016 is kinder to you! And thanks, this post gave me the push I needed to restart my own blog! ☺️ Xx


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