Monday, 1 June 2015

Crochet Wall Hangings

I found a pattern/tutorial for an amazing Carnivale Cushion Cover from My Poppet Makes over on Pinterest. I loved all the different stitches and colours, but really didn't need another cushion to find a home for! So I decided to use part of the tutorial (I only did up to round 8) and create these crochet wall decorations. Well, that's what I'm using them as, but I think they would make awesome doilies or something.

 I'm pretty much a novice at crochet, and I managed to work these up pretty quickly as they only use simple stitches. They do use a couple of stitches which I'd not used before (invisible join and standing stitches) but they provide you with a tutorial for these and they're pretty easy to get the hang of once you've done them a few times!


Although I do love these pastel colours, I'm excited to try making them in some other colourways too. I also really want to experiment with ways to show them off - I'm thinking maybe sewing them on to some fabric and framing in an embroidery hoop? After making these ones I've found some other patterns for similar ones (usually called crochet mandalas) so am excited to try those out and see how they compare to these! Anyone else crocheting up anything fun? I finished my first crochet lap blanket yesterday so will be sharing that one here very soon!

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  1. Those look wonderful and great colour choices. It's been so long since i've done any crocheting mind. Cross stitching kinds takes over for me lol.


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