Sunday, 31 May 2015

Vivienne Westwood x Alice in Wonderland

On Thursday the lovely Ella from Ella Masters Illustration invited me to be her plus one at a Vivienne Westwood event, inspired by the Mad Hatter's tea party! The whole shop was decorated like something straight out of Wonderland, and they were serving up the most amazing teeny cakes and biscuits, plus cocktails in jars and teacups. So much eye candy! The event was being held to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland, and as part of the celebrations Vivienne Westwood had created a new cover for the Penguin edition of the book.

 Hands down the best part of the event was Vivienne herself making an appearance to talk about and read an extract from the book! Since I was about 13 I have been such a huge fan of hers, not just of her fashion work (which is obviously incredible and groundbreaking) but also of her whole attitude, and the work she does for numerous charities. It was amazing hearing her speak - she is every bit as eccentric and outspoken as I imagined she would be!

It feels amazing to be able to tick off meeting one of my heroes from my bucket list - now I just need to accost David Attenborough and I will be one happy lady!


  1. It seems an amazing event. xoxo

  2. Looks like such a great event. Love the last photo. Long live Queen Viv! Hx


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