Wednesday, 25 June 2014

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I've never been 'cool.' Not at primary school, not at high school, not at university, and not now. mostly I am okay with this, but some days I'm really not. whilst in Topshop at the weekend I heard two teenage girls whisper something about me and laugh, then look me up and down. I had at least ten years on them, but in that moment I felt like crying. I didn't hear what they said, but I knew it was something about how I looked. it's funny how something so childish can hurt just as much, even as an adult. I'm not confident with how I look and this touched a raw nerve. sometimes I wish I could be one of those skinny, confident girls, wearing a short dress without feeling self-conscious, being effortlessly cool.

now this isn't an essay on looks or fashion. I am okay with who I am, and I'd rather be eternally uncool than be someone who would talk down how someone else looks where they can hear. but lately I have noticed this theme of 'being cool' creeping into my business life. in jewellery there are trends just like the rest of fashion. right now that seems to be geometric shapes, minimal metal pieces, crystals and charms, long layered chains. basically the exact opposite of what I make! I never set out to make jewellery that follows trends. instead I make things that I like and that I think are fun and interesting and a bit different, and just cross my fingers that other people like them too! and so far it's worked out pretty well. but lately I find myself wishing a cool magazine would want to feature my work. or a stylist would want to use my pieces for a trendy shoot. at the same time though I don't want that. I like being different, I like that my pieces don't rely on being 'on trend' to sell, I like that my customers are so cute and each have their own style.

I would never change Ladybird Likes just to fit in or to follow a trend. being different is what's gotten me where I am today, and I wouldn't give that up for all the magazine features in the world. but I want to try and find a happy medium where I can venture slightly into the world of 'trends' and 'fashion' but whilst still staying true to my roots. I am going to be experimenting with some new materials, new techniques, and new styles over the next few months, developing some new lines for late 2014/early 2015, and I really hope you guys will love them and will stay with me as I try out some new stuff. as always you guys are at the centre of what I do - Ladybird Likes' motto is 'making nice things for nice people' and you are those people! so I am more than open to any feedback you may have - keep your thoughts and ideas coming :)


  1. Such a great post. Very, very well said. And well stuck to your guns - as we love that !! You are you and LadyBird Likes is hot property - inspirational and admirabley cool - your hard work and amazing attitude has built a super brand. You should be damn proud.
    p.s. I think you're cool
    p.p.s. Sod Topshop teenagers.


  2. That sucks that those girls did that; when something like that happens to me, I always think "If you need to do that to someone else just to feel good about yourself, I feel very sorry for you." Haters gonna hate; makers gonna make. Looking forward to see where you take LBL next. Bxxx

  3. Oh love, I'm sorry about those people - I personally think you're really cool :) but then I've never been cool either haha ;)

    I know it doesn't help, but I don't think anyone is really fully comfortable in their skin - even the skinny girls in the short dresses... and their judging came from a very negative place which isn't really going to make them feel any better in the long run, so try not to take it to much to heart. There are always going to be those people, but luckily we have someone like you as well :)

    I've been such a big fan of yours since the beginning and I'm still here cheering away - keep doing what you're doing and maybe even come back to Leeds again :) xx

  4. p.s. I just wrote a similar post about moving forward with my blog, I'd love your feedback too if you get time - its scary trying to find the balance of doing what you want but also doing something that other people are going to love too x

  5. Being different is so much cooler than being fashionable, it sucks so much that people think they have a right to comment on how people look just because they're 'fashionable' (or think they are!). Being mean is extremely uncool and one day those horrible Topshop girls will learn that for themselves, probably the hard way! It's the nice people who matter, so keep on making all the nice things for them and you'll do great!

    I've never been cool either, and used to wish I was, but I realised a couple of years ago when I hit my thirties that it really doesn't matter whether other people think I'm cool or not because it's diversity that makes the world such a spectacular place to live, and we should just embrace it!

  6. I'm so sorry that those nasty little girls made you feel that way :( I know exactly what you mean, but the truth is that they are clearly insecure themselves to have to pass judgement on others. Let's hope they grow up to be nicer human beings than they currently are.

    I've never been one of the cool kids and feel the same struggle of striving to do my own thing, but also wanting other people to like it. I absolutely love Ladybird Likes and don't think you have anything to worry about - I can't wait to see what you come up with and will definitely be sticking around :)

    Hope you have a better day, you are talented, successful and beautiful! <3

  7. Boo! Catty/mean people are horrible!!
    You are a beautiful, intelligent, wonderful lady Zoe and don't let anyone bring you down or wish for you to change yourself!!
    I love your products and I know there are lots of people that don't follow trends and love your unique and eye-catching wearables!!
    Stay true to yourself darling!!

  8. Stuff like this happens to me sometimes and I honestly just feel sorry for the girls, especially if they're teenagers. It's such an insecure, horrid time of life and they'll be me soon enough! You're such an inspiration to me and if you're not cool, then let's ALL be not cool :) x

  9. Loved this post- being true to yourself is far more important than being 'cool' and following the crowd. As I've grown up I've realised that actually being a bit different and following your own interests and passions is far 'cooler' than doing something just because everyone else is :)
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  10. Your approach to jewelery is unique and beautiful. I know exactly what you mean about feeling awkward and an outsider because I´ve felt it my whole life. But don´t let that turn you down, being different is really beautiful, and more beautiful is the courage to be yourself. Believe in yourself and put your spirit in your work and things will start falling into place , i´m sure =)
    As soon as I can, I´ll definetely have to get a little birdie or buttterfly necklace from the shop!

  11. Zoe... you've built your own label/business from the ground up. Lots of nice people like to buy, wear and give your jewellery. You are gorgeous, quirky and funny.
    In my eyes that makes you pretty damn cool (and I'm pretty cool myself, so I know what I'm talking about ;))

  12. Don't worry about these shallow teens, the people that matter are your friends and family that love you. You are talented and run a successful business, hold your head up high and feel proud! I went for a run the other day and had some young lads shout from their car "run fatty" at first I felt hurt but then I thought, hang on I bet they can't run to their car! they are not worth worrying about.
    Anyway, I think you are cool and looking forward to meeting you at the Crafty Catch Up :-)

  13. I've never been cool either, and I know too well how even hearing someone laugh as they walk past you can make you feel rubbish! But I think you are cool, and your jewellery too. I'm actually nervous about the crafty catch up club because I think I'm going to seem so uncool next to you and everyone else!!! So I think we all get those feelings. The cool kids probably don't even say cool anymore!!

  14. I guess it depends on your definition of cool! I think your talent and business skills make you cool. Trendy people are usually constantly trying to keep up with new trends so they're not left behind which sounds exhausting. I do understand though, you want to be making a desirable popular product. And you may as well cash in on the hipster trend that's still in full swing. I hope you find the right opportunities for that!


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