Wednesday, 21 May 2014

stationery is my weakness

one of the best parts about running my own business is getting to design new promotional materials and stationery for Ladybird Likes. it's quite sad how much I enjoy coming up with new ideas, making them in Photoshop, and sending the designs off to the printers. when my package of papery goodness arrives I'm like a kid at Christmas! it has been several months since I designed new promotional items, so I figured it was high time I resolved that. I made a photo collage postcard, a thank you notecard, and a discount card....

the thank you card has a simple 'thank you' on the front, and on the reverse it has a little message from me for my lovely customers - these are now going in every online order to thank you for supporting my little old business

this is a discount card - the front is very simple, with a little compliment on it (who doesn't love a compliment?!), and the reverse has a promotional code to get 15% off in my online shop. these are for special events, and will also be popped in bags at craft fairs!

and finally, my favourite new item, our collage photo postcard. the front shows a selection of Ladybird Likes products, while the reverse tells a little bit about what Ladybird Likes is, how we started, and what inspires us. these will be going in with online orders, and we will also have them at craft fairs and other events ready to hand out!

looking at these I'm already itching to make some more new things! and, here is a massive sneaky hint, there is a Ladybird Likes stationery range in the works currently. MUCH more coming on that very soon, and on the crowd-funding campaign that will (hopefully!) allow us to create it!


  1. These look lovely!
    I'm the same, love designing stationery or promo stuff :)

  2. I love it all!! Very clever Zoe!! xoxo

  3. These are so cute. I need to design the packaging and stationery for the business I'm starting with my boyfriend.

  4. One of my favourite processes too!!! These look really amazing.


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