Monday, 19 May 2014

i heart iphone photos

a little (okay, a LOT) late, but better late than never right? here is my April 2014 highlights in iphone photos... (all photo descriptions are clockwise from top left)

launching our new collection of pug themed jewellery // having one of our butterfly necklaces featured in the beautiful LandScape magazine // putting together an outfit for a business meeting, featuring my favourite collar clips // learning to crochet Amigurumi toys at last!

making custom laser engraved wood keyrings for Blogcademy attendees // being interviewed for an article in Mollie Makes magazine on how comparing ourselves to others holds us back // Starbucks iced coffee date with my mister // being bridesmaid for one of my besties

a little reminder to myself of what is most important // blue skies and cherry blossom make me so happy // instagram fridge magnets from Sticky 9 // preparing for a jewellery making workshop

treated myself to new cat prints Vans shoes // designing new promotional materials for Ladybird Likes // making up sample 'happy hangings' for new workshops // jelly shoes and daisies are the epitome of summer for me

oh April, you were so good to me. here's hoping that May (and the rest of 2014 for that matter) is filled with just as much good stuff!


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