Friday, 23 May 2014

Blogcademy custom pieces

as you may have already seen from my Instagram feed, I am now starting to offer custom pieces for small companies and businesses in very small runs. one of my first custom orders was for the incredible Blogcademy - a school for bloggers run by three super talented ladies. I created some custom laser engraved keyrings, and some Blogcademy brooches to go in their goodie bags.

the wooden laser engraved keyrings featured three custom quotes chosen by the Blogcademy girls - the perfect reminder to follow your dreams every single day.

we also used graphics provided by the Blogcademy girls, in their signature aqua, grey, and white colour scheme, which we turned into two different brooches for the Blogcadettes to wear their Blogcademy status proudly.

if you'd like to commission custom items for your shop/business/event then do drop me an email at - we can work with any brief to make a small run of items at reasonable prices.

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