Saturday, 17 May 2014

pick me up 2014

like many other London-based creative types, one of the highlights of my year is visiting Pick Me Up at Somerset House. for those of you not in the know, Pick Me Up is a contemporary art festival, celebrating all kinds of illustration styles. I absolutely love seeing work by so many current artists, and always leave feeling extremely inspired, and this year was no exception!

obviously one of the highlights for me was Cat Island by Jessica Das - she used a variety of techniques, include mono printing, collage, and screenprinting, to create a whole collection of artworks all featuring cats! I love the idea of taking a theme such as cats, and then creating lots of pieces that all look totally different!

there were lots of really bright colourful pieces, using clever colour combos, which I had to photograph for future reference. especially love the tropical mix of blue, orange, yellow, and pink in the top image!

I fell in love with the hand painted faces on these logs and definitely want to try doing something similar using some flat wood slices that I've had in my studio for about a year! I think they'd look awesome with some colourful little faces painted on them.

loved seeing these pieces by our friends at I Am Acrylic, incorporating perspex, collage, and embroidery! they look like old fashioned postcards you'd send from the English seaside, but with a cute modern twist.

I'm a huge fan of Antony Burrill - his poster with the motto 'work hard and be nice to people' is my life mantra! if I had enough money I would have bought one of his pieces below. love love love his use of inlaid wood for it! looks like something out of a church I think...

who else visited Pick Me Up this year? what was your favourite part? I'm already excited for next year's show! if you missed it this year then make sure to go along next year - trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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  1. Look's like a pretty special exhibition, so much inspiration in this post.


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