Friday, 16 May 2014


guys always feel a bit left out here at Ladybird Likes - I'm not really a girly girl as such, but I do like jewellery. and guys just don't seem to wear as much jewellery as girls (what's up with that?!) so, after two years of girl's at craft fairs asking me if I do cufflinks for their husbands/fathers/brothers/uncles/boyfriends/dog walker (yup, true story!) I am SO EXCITED to announce that our first range of cufflinks is now available to buy online!

there are six styles available - three pairs feature vintage analogue cameras, for all you photography loving guys out there that love nothing better than an old-fashioned roll of film.

and three pairs feature images of retro tin toy robots, the kind you could wind up and they'd march across the floor! perfect for any sci-fi or B-movie lovers, they are kitsch but still cool (or at least I think so!)

each pair is only £15 over in our Etsy shop, so they make perfect gifts for birthdays, Father's Day, or, dare I say it, Christmas?! let me know what you think of them and which pair you'd buy for that special guy!

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