Friday, 16 May 2014

west elm workshop

last Saturday I was super lucky to be invited to run a drop in style workshop at the West Elm store on Tottenham Court Road. I've been in contact with the super friendly bunch over at West Elm since I was part of the Etsy pop up store there a few months ago, so when I had the opportunity to run a workshop I was over the moon!

I spent a whole afternoon making hand painted wooden beaded necklaces (and bracelets!) with a lovely bunch of people. one of the best things about my job is getting to meet so many super interesting people from all different backgrounds. working from home means I love any opportunity to get out there and meet people and talk to them about Ladybird Likes, and about crafts and making in general.

it was such a wonderful day, and I hope to be doing lots more craft workshops in the future as they are so fun! huge thanks to all the lovely staff at West Elm London for making me feel so welcome (and for making necklaces on your lunch breaks, you creative bunch!) where would you like to see Ladybird Likes come and run a workshop next?

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