Friday, 23 August 2013

we like stationery

I've been slowly working on rebranding Ladybird Likes - I felt it was a bit too twee and basic before, and I wanted the brand to feel a bit more minimal and clean so that I could design a wider range of products under the same brand name and branding. part of the redesign was thinking about what I wanted the Ladybird Likes brand to be. I've always loved the idea of inspiring people and motivating people, and I wanted to somehow incorporate that into our brand, so I came up with the idea of designing some movtivational postcards and stickers to include with our online orders.....

 I wanted them to be pretty and to fit in with the Ladybird Likes aesthetic and colour scheme, and to be things that people wouldn't just get and chuck in the bin, but would actually put up around their room, or send on to a loved one and spread the love.

I really hope you love these postcards and stickers - I was thinking of maybe making up sets of all our postcard designs (plus a few others I've been working on) to sell at craft fairs over Christmas - what do you think?we have made up little packs containing two postcards, two stickers, and a couple of business cards, which will be going in with all orders from around the end of October (we are using up all our old style business cards and free gifts first) - we will also be sharing more of our new branding, including our new packaging and business cards, over the next few weeks.


  1. It's always good to change things up, keep things fresh and go for what feels right in the moment!


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