Monday, 26 August 2013

books books books I just can't say no

my name is Zoe, and I have a problem. I cannot stop buying books. there is no more space in my house. I have a huge bookcase downstairs which is crammed full (two rows deep) of books, plus another bookcase in my studio with some of my craft books on. then there are piles of books next to my bed, by my computer, under my desk.... but I can always justify buying books. these are my most recent acquisitions, thanks to an Amazon evoucher courtesy of Redress Law who specialise in Will Disputes

below (from top to bottom) the books are: Fluffy Humpy Poop Puppy - awesome graphics, adverts, illustrations, and generally cute pictures featuring dogs of all shapes and sizes. if you like cute drawings of dogs then this book is for you //  Charley Harper: And Illustrated Life - he is one of my all time favourite illustrators and this book gives an overview of his life's work. I cannot recommend it enough, it is so beautiful! // Studio Ghibli - a buttload of info on Studio Ghibli films, with the focus being on Hayao Miyazaki (my favourite anime director, and the reason I purchased this book!) //  Hello, Cutie - photos and background info on all things cute and kawaii // Ami Ami Dogs - a guide to crocheting amigurumi dogs of all kinds. I will be making EVERYTHING in this book, for reals.


all these books are available on Amazon if you want to purchase them - and if anyone else has purchased any good books recently (I particularly love craft books, graphic novels, and books about Japanese culture!) then please do share in the comments as I'm always looking for new recommendations to expand my library!


  1. I LOVE Charley Harper! Been wanting that book for ages, it looks beautiful. He's a top illustrator.

    Lovely post, your book addiction sounds a lot like mine. Perhaps we should start a book club! Bookaholics Anonymous. I hope you are well!

    Kate x

  2. I love getting new books!! All these look wonderful!!! xo

  3. i have that charley harper book! love it so much. i still really really want beguiled by the wild too.

    i also have an addiction to books. they're the one thing i can never ever resist when i have money.

  4. Love this style of post, I can't stop buying room books and now you've got me wanting to buy all of these illustration books too, off to amazon :)

  5. Ohhh that Charley Harper book looks great!!
    Here's another booklover, i never get enough of them!!


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