Saturday, 10 August 2013

the bow collection

After lots of tweaking, late nights, and trial and error of new techniques, our brand spanking new range 'the bow collection' is now available in our Etsy shop! Ladybird Likes is focusing on developing our range of wooden products, so all the items in our Etsy store are made using wood as their base material. The same applies with these bow ties - they are a twist on the classic, bog standard bow tie, as they are all laser cut from wood.

 Some have been laser engraved with heart, moustaches, geometric triangles, arrows, or anchors, while others have printed patterns stuck on, in a range of colours. There is sure to be a style to suit every one, and if there isn't just get in touch and we may just be able to create you a custom bow tie! (read to the end for a special launch offer on the collection!)

 Although traditionally worn by men, we love bow ties on women too. Pin them on a shirt, on the collar of a t-shirt, or even on a dress. We've been wearing our bow ties as oversized statement brooches too, pinned on a cardigan over a vintage dress.

 Or why not clip one in your hair? I wear my hair just thrown up in a messy bun when I'm working, but by clipping in one of these bows it instantly looks much fancier!

 The bow collection also includes these mini clip on bows, also available in a huge selection of colours and patterns. They can be clipped anywhere you can think of; in hairstyles, on to bags, on clothing....

 Our favourite way to wear them right now is clipped on the front of our shoes, like the shoe clips we used to have back in the 90s when we were kids! They instantly transform a pair of bog standard lace up shoes, into something much cuter. We could all use a bit more cute in our lives, right?!

To celebrate the launch of this new range we are offering the first 10 people to make a purchase from the collection (any item from the bow collection) a FREE mini bow brooch in your choice of colour and pattern. When you checkout just write in the notes to seller box what colour/pattern you'd like your free brooch to be, and we will make it for you and pop it in with your purchase!


  1. Such lovely bows! I really like the idea of putting them on shoes too :3

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  2. Ohhhhh I love them so much!! The little clouds!! Neeeeed!! xx

  3. These are really gorgeous Zoe, and such an original idea too! I haven't seen anything like them around before.

  4. Wonderful! Especially love the bow ties for your shoes and I'm very tempted to use these bow ties for the wedding for the boys! :) xx

  5. Hi Zoe! these are great, what a surprise I love a bow! we've got new shoe bows coming too....great minds and all that :)

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