Thursday, 15 August 2013

etsy treasuries

it's start to become a bit of a monthly feature this isn't it? here are just some of the incredible treasuries we've been featured in over on etsy lately. please do click on the links so you can check out the shops of all the wonderful designers included in them. there is so much talent on etsy it's overwhelming at times, but I find looking at treasuries where things are sorted by colour or theme helps break it up a bit!

 our red cardinal bird necklace featured in the applefoxbird treasury

our blue jay bird collar clips look right at home in this blue bird of happiness treasury

our retro robot brooch was obviously a perfect fit for this get your geek on treasury

how dreamy does our zooey miniature butterfly necklace look in this cloudy morning treasury

and we love our trudy fashion lady brooch in this her green day treasury

1 comment:

  1. i am loving that red treasury! i love colour themed ones too, they're very pleasing to the eye.


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