Thursday, 22 August 2013

new collar clips

We have several new collections up our sleeves right now, and we will be launching the first of them next week (as long as everything goes to plan) but for now we thought we would share with you three very limited edition items we have just added to our Etsy shop. If you follow us over on Instagram (we are @ladybirdlikes) you will have seen the sneak peeks at these items.

First up are these delightful moustache collar clips - a perfect touch of quirkiness to any outfit. Simply pin on to a boring collar to instantly jazz it up!

We love anything with moustaches on (yes, we know it's been done to death, but come on, moustaches you can wear on your collar?!) so these have become a firm favourite at Ladybird Likes HQ and I have gotten a lot of attention when I wear mine out!

 I've developed a bit of a fixation with teeth at the moment - something about their simple shape and their whiteness really appeals to me aesthetically, and so I knew I had to make some tooth jewellery! There is a tooth necklace - you can choose whether you'd like it on a silver coloured chain or a gold coloured chain. This has fast become my current favourite item of jewellery, and I haven't taken it off since I made it as it goes with everything!

 Continuing with the tooth theme we have tooth collar clips which, as you can see, look totally adorable pinned on to little peter pan collars! We have been experimenting with different ways to wear collar clips, and have decided these tooth ones look equally awesome just worn as a double brooch on a jacket or cardigan.

 All these items are available in very limited numbers (15 of each only) so it's a great chance to own a piece of jewellery that only a very few other people will have, for a very small price (the collar clips are only £10 each, and the tooth necklace is only £8!)


  1. the tooth necklace/clips are dreamy! looove!

  2. I adore the tooth collar clips, they are perfection! They look amazing on the black Peter Pan collar xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook


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