Thursday, 22 August 2013

birthday present haul

it was my birthday the other week. as usual, I was thoroughly spoilt. I don't normally like sharing photos of presents on my blog, it feels like showing off. but I received some incredibly thoughtful presents and wanted to show you guys, because I am so lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life. here is just a small glimpse at some of the things I was gifted...

 I'm such a jewellery collector - every birthday and Christmas I get new pieces to add to the collection, and this year was no different. first up I my sister bought me this gorgeous arrow necklace from Datter Industries. I won't be taking this off, it's so incredibly beautiful, and I now want everything from Kaye's store!

my love for Studio Ghibli, and My Neighbour Totoro in particular, has clearly rubbed off on the boyfriend, who bought me this necklace as part of my birthday present, from a seller on Etsy. I love how kawaii it is, plus I have such a weakness for acrylic jewellery!

 me and my sister are off on our annual horror movie pilgrimage to Frightfest 2013 tomorrow, so she bought me this necklace to wear! it's so chunky and perfect.

 the boyfriend also had this wax seal stamp custom made for me - one of the most thoughtful gifts EVER. it has my business logo on it, and he also bought me some pretty mint green wax to make wax seals to go on special orders. packaging supplies and personalised stuff are my biggest weaknesses so this is incredible. boy done good!

my print collection has also grown - my sister gifted me this print of a Moonrise Kingdom embroidery by Lucky Jackson that I've had my eye on for ages. it will go in my bedroom once I've had a bit of a reshuffle!  I also want the Bill Murray and Home Alone prints from her shop....

 and one of my besties Steph (who is also one half of the crazy talented design duo Home Slice) drew me this illustration featuring Jay-Z lyrics - my friends are so clever, I can't even handle it

 and of course my book obsession was fed - I received some beautiful new graphic novels, including this one by Daniel Clowes, and three more of The Walking Dead series!

 hands down the best present I received (and have possibly ever received) was this scrapbook that the boy made me featuring photos of our relationship so far. it was a total surprise, and I may have shed a few tears (I was way emotional, shhhhh) - he is definitely a keeper, even if he did include some truly awful photos of me stuffing my face!

I also received an extra bonus birthday gift from Redress Law who specialise in Surveyor's Negligence - they were kind enough to offer me an evoucher which I will be using to treat myself to some new books from Amazon! Please do go and check them out.


  1. You scored! Those gifts are all so great and thoughtful!

  2. I love it all!! That Moonrise Kingdom print is AMAZING!! And I love everything from Datter too!! All their rings are on my wishlist!! Happy belated birthday Zoe darling!!! xoxo

  3. Happy Birthday Zoe! Hope you had an awesome day. Your gifts look amazing!
    My goodness... that boy is definitely a keeper! The wax seal is INCREDIBLE. As a customer I would be pretty wowed if my package arrived with that seal on the back. The mini photo zine is sooo thoughtful too. Good boyfriend. xo

    p.s. as I write this I am rocking my ladybird likes owl brooch! I am so happy when he is perched on my lapel :)

  4. oh wow! Hope you had a wonderful birthday xx

  5. happy birthday! you are such a lucky girl, what lovely presents!! I can't believe your boyfriend got you that seal, mine would never be that thoughtful haha ¬.¬ he's a keeper!!

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