Friday, 28 June 2013

Urban Outfitters x Lazy Oaf

a few months ago I was asked to take some photos of my former boss lady Gemma Shiel who, in case you didn't know, is the owner and designer and general mastermind behind Lazy Oaf (aka the coolest company ever and the place I used to work.) the photos were for a feature Urban Outfitters were doing where they interview super cool people about their wardrobes, so the brief was to snap some outfit shots of Gemma in her home (which, by the way, is insanely cool, dream house right there.)

the feature is now up on the UO website right here (it's been up for a while but, being the rubbish blogger that I am I'm only just getting round to posting about it!) so do go check it out... but for now here is a little peek at what we got up to on the day of the shoot....

Gemma loves Disney more than any person I've ever met, so obviously her house and wardrobe was full of Mickey and Minnie related stuff

Ratfink kisses!  (also, that flowery background is actually a rug, we aren't afraid to improvise!)

told you this house was cool - we didn't even really style it at all, she just has all these awesome doodads and knick knacks everywhere

 giant Playmobil figure in the living room OBVS

another makeshift backdrop from a rug - that's how we roll (also, I really love this photo because Gemma's hair is basically the same colour as the wall and that blows my mind)

 yeah, so you know how I have a bit of a pillow fetish? this place was pillow HEAVEN

these two photos might just be my favourites from the day because a) I loved this outfit and wanted to steal it for myself, and b) check out the little Jesus sticker we got in the shot!

 that couch, that rug, those pillows, and that top....


  1. Great shots Zoe! She's got such a fab colourful house :) x

  2. amazing house and fun pretty clothes! x

  3. I love those pillows - very cool house!


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