Saturday, 29 June 2013

i heart iphone photos

i seem to be saying this a lot lately but, it's been a while since i last did one of these posts. i'm loving having my blogging mojo back though, and i have loads of ideas for blog posts jotted down in my diary. one day i will share photos of my planning process - i am SO super OCD about things like that, but i thought it might be interesting to show you guys how i keep organised?

anywho, for now here is a wee round up of the last few weeks in iphone photos (descriptions go clockwise from top left)

 stripes and watermelons = current favourite outfit // Ladybird Likes flash sale over on RAAAD // dressed up to watch some Mexican wrestling // the pupster looking like a cutie

 watching the sun setting over Trafalgar Square and remembering why I love this city so much // ice cream cookie sandwich at my bestie's new cake and ice cream parlour // sabre toothed tiger planter - how long can I keep this plant alive? // lucky dip sale goodie bags

 chocolate dipped waffle on a stick on Brighton pier // breaking away from my uniform of black, white, and grey for the etsy craft party // the cheesiest thing I've ever done, getting mine and the boy-o's inititals stamped on a necklace // goodie bags at the etsy craft party

paint swatches which are being upcycled for a wee DIY project // mint green, silver, and geometric patterns rule my life right now // obsessed with sticking stuff on my walls then taking it down after a few days - I could never commit to decorating a room, I'm way too fickle! // new totoro ipad case is making me so happy right now


  1. sounds like you've been busy! i'm excited to see what you do with the paint swatches!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth


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