Tuesday, 18 June 2013

lions and pugs and owls, oh my!

 that's right everyone - we have FOUR brand new animal-themed necklaces up in our etsy shop right now! if you follow us on twitter or instagram (we are @ladybirdlikes on both if you're not following us yet!) you will have seen sneak peeks of these new necklaces already, but they are now available for you to purchase! as always, we only make jewellery featuring the things that we like...

the fluffy cat on this necklace may look grumpy, but we like him because he makes us smile every time we look at his little face!

we've collected owl related bric-a-brac for many years now - there's just something about a wise old owl that we cannot resist, so we had to create an owl necklace.

they're called the king of the jungle for a reason - ever since watching The Lion King we have had a huge soft spot for lions, so we wear our lion necklace with pride (get it pride)

it's no secret that we get all gooey-eyed whenever we see a pug. one day we hope to have a pug baby of our own. but until then we will just ooh and aah over our pug necklace instead.

 so folks, which of our new necklaces is your favourite? we can't possibly choose just one, so we have claimed one of each for our own jewellery collection and have received LOTS of compliments on them so far.

oh, and if you haven't already 'liked' our facebook page please head on over there and do so. we will be holding a giveaway on there on Friday to win a gift voucher for our etsy shop, but you won't hear about it unless you like the page!


  1. The pug one is soooo cute! I too wish to have a baby pug of my own soon, but until then I may just have to purchase this necklace! ... however the grumpy cat is also very tempting!

  2. the pugs! how adorable. I love the collar clips too <3

  3. One of my friends would love the pug necklace! I should forward this to her :)

  4. Lovely new stuff Zoe. I like the lion best :) x

  5. yaaay :) well done they look amazing x

  6. Wow I wish I had them all!

  7. Oh my gosh that kitten is so adorable :o A must have for me.
    But these all designs look so well made, I really like them


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