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we like... I Know by Isabel Knowles

I'd like to introduce a new semi-regular feature over here on Ladybird Likes called 'we like...' - we will be featuring some of our favourite designer, makers, crafters, and artists with mini interviews or profiles accompanied by photos of them and their work. we know so many crazily talented people and we want to shine the spotlight on them a bit more. so without further ado our first 'we like...' feature Isabel Knowles, the insanely talented designer behind the clothing label 'I Know.' here at Ladybird Likes we love pretty dresses, yummy fabric, and beautiful photos, and Isabel ticks all three of those boxes, plus many more!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.
Hello, I'm Isabel :) I design and make dresses and other clothing from my little home studio in Devon.

Describe a typical day for you.
My days vary a lot. I always have different priorities of what needs to be done, I aim to be in my studio by 10 and I often work way into the night. I am fuelled by lots of tea and coffee and radio 6. I try to do any sewing I need to do as soon as I get into my studio. After lunch I normally take the dog for a walk and get out of the house as you can go a little mad working from home. Some days I spend planning new collections and doing computer work and others are spent madly sewing until way into the night. I'm not the best at sticking to a 'routine' so I seem to do a lot of the latter.

How did you get into fashion? Have you always wanted to be a designer?
I don't know when it became my 'thing' or a business idea. I found some fabric I loved and made some clothes and set up an Etsy shop and website just to see how it went. I've always loved sewing and making my own clothes since I was little and was really into wearing awful homemade things when I was about 14. I hope my style has got a little better since then though.
How do you measure success?
This is a tricky one, I am always comparing myself and my business to other people who are doing a similar thing. I don't think there is any real way to 'measure success' personally I think it is about putting energy and time into your business and enjoying it too, but that's easier said than done.
What is your biggest creative/business achievement to date?
Oh golly, I'm not sure! I think it's just all the little things that add up to the fact I actually have my own business. I always feel really proud when I look back at my photo shoots and look books because that is such a fun creative part that I love. I think every dress I make is a little achievement and it is so satisfying getting feedback or pictures from the lovely ladies who buy them.
If you could go back in time would you do anything differently relating to your work/business?
I don't think I would. I'm too busy planning future projects to dwell on the past :)
How do you get yourself motivated when you're having a 'meh' day?
There's no real formula for snapping out of a 'meh' day. I definitely have my fair share of them. I have finally decided that there is just no point beating yourself up about it. When I'm feeling rubbish or unmotivated it doesn't help trying to force myself to do what I don't want to, as it only means I create bad work, which will make me even more annoyed. Just take a break, get out of your own head and come back feeling refreshed... hopefully.
What's your favourite item you've ever made?
I love making pretty dresses, but actually some of my favourite things I've made have been for Videopia which is what I have been doing over the last few summers and it is just a lot of fun. I love making costumes and silly things with lots of papier mache and all in ones etc, I made a killer lion costume for the Wizard of Oz earlier this year, I liked making that a lot.
What's your dream for your business?
At the moment my main dream is to be able to move into a bigger studio and maybe grow the business enough that I could employ one other person to help out. I love having my own business but I really miss working with people and bouncing off ideas or just having someone to natter to. I have big dreams of a spacious modern studio space and it is my main aim at the moment to work towards that. In the long term, who really knows...(cheese alert)..., world = oyster? The skies the limit right!? Hmmm.
Thanks for the peek inside your beautiful world Isabel!


  1. lovely interview! thanks zoe and isabel

  2. I found this interview really inspiring! Such a lovely post!

  3. Oh gosh! How embarrassing, thanks for having me on your lovely blog Zoe. Hope to collaborate more in the future :)

  4. Great interview! And such a talented designer! Those dresses are dreamy! That's so great to see people following their dreams and goals and achived them with sucess and hapiness.
    Sofia G


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