Sunday, 16 June 2013

pick me up 2013

a bit late I know, but a while back me and the boy-o (yes, if you haven't already heard I have a boyfriend now, and I promise I will share more about him on here really soon!) headed to Pick Me Up at Somerset House. in case you haven't heard of it before, Pick Me Up is an annual graphic art fair in London - lots of lovely artwork to look at and buy, plus interactive demos and workshops and talks and stuff. every year I mean to go, and every year something comes up last minute and I end up missing it. but not this year!

this neon fried breakfast piece was one of my favourites from the whole day - I want it on the wall of my kitchen (when I have my own kitchen obvs!)

Jonathan had a go at screenprinting as part of the Print Club workshop space - what a pro! (I didn't have a go as I am the clumsiest, most awkward human being ever and would have almost certainly broken something or got covered in ink.)

I also reeeeeally loved these embroidered fabric pennants. I'd like to make something similar to hang up in my studio for a bit of motivation....

and how AWESOME is this sign for the event?! it's wood with loads of holes drilled in, and then someone cross-stitched (in wool) the design on. love love love. it got me thinking about possibly including some embroidery elements on wood in a new range of jewellery.

oh and lastly we stumbled upon the Moomin shop in Covent Garden after Pick Me Up, and obvs I had to take a photo - I didn't buy anything but could have easily spent a fortune in there.

did any of you guys visit Pick Me Up this year? what did you think? what were your favourite pieces?


  1. I am also the person that means to go every year, and have still never been! Looks like I missed out! Glad you had fun :D

  2. That luminous breakfast is brilliant :)


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