Monday, 28 January 2013

let's be explorers

this year I have resolved to have at least one day off a week, preferably at the weekend. so far it's been going well, but I'm sure it won't happen every weekend (I'm a total workaholic in case you hadn't noticed!) but I've found that if I have something planned for my day off, I do tend to get out of the house and stop working, whereas if I don't have anything planned I'm usually sat in front of the TV answering emails or something similar. but here are a few photos from some of my recent mini adventures...

a walk in Gunnersbury Park with the family // eyeing up this reproduction of a vintage medical chart // wandering around East London photographing the street art // a trip to the Prince Charles Cinema to watch Sightseers which was SO good (also, am I weird for really enjoying going to the cinema on my own?) // a hastily taken photo at a gallery which I cannot remember // visiting Somerset House to see the Tim Walker exhibition, which totally blew my mind - he is hands down my favourite photographer of all time

I hope you don't mind the briefness of this post - sometimes I avoid posting certain things because I feel like they don't make up a full post, hence why I decided to group these photos together like this. it's nice to have a record of the things I've been doing, however brief it may be :)


  1. What fun adventures you go on Zoe!! I love these photos + seeing all the amazing things you've seen about your town!! xoxo

  2. I think a post somtimes with just one photo is all that is needed, I love the one with your shoes and the leaf, lets hope we can all try for 1 day off a week xx I am blogging at x

  3. The vintage medical charts are so cute!

    I was forced this week for two days off, I'm sick, and today I was forced to have another day off. I hate it specially when I know I have a lot to do, and one day missed is everything.

    Hope you had a very good off day.


  4. Oh I finally saw the Tim Walker exhibition this weekend, it was A-mazing! I love all the props & the photos are so so beautiful.

  5. I need to do some more exploring. thank you for the inspiring post.


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