Sunday, 27 January 2013


before Christmas I was contacted by the lovely PR people behind the Volvic water brand, asking if I would be interested in becoming one of the founding members of a new initiative they are starting, called 'Team Volcanicity.' basically my role involves going off on adventures around the UK, doing exciting things, and taking photographs while I'm there. then I report back about what I've been up to over on the Volvic UK Facebook page. the aim is to inspire other people to include moments of 'volcanicity' into their lives!

here is my introduction over on the Volvic UK page...

each of the three founding members of Team Volcanicity were asked what volcanicity means to them - to me it means being brave enough to do the things you've always dreamed of doing, to try new things, to wake up one day and decide to do something totally unplanned. although it is hard to do things like this every day - I have a business to run, I have responsibilities which have to be put first, and it's not possible for me to simply go off on adventures whenever the mood takes me. but part of the reason why I wanted to become self-employed in the first place was so that I was my own boss, and I was in charge of my own work schedule, so that if someone calls me up one evening and says 'I'm going to the seaside tomorrow, do you want to come?' I have the option to say yes! 

my first adventure with Volvic will be going on a hot air balloon flight over Surrey at the start of February. anyone who knows me knows about my fear of heights, and my fear of flying. a hot air balloon flight is basically my worst nightmare. but I've learnt that if I shy away from doing things that scare me, then in my head I build them up to be even worse, even more scary, than what they are. this year I'm going outside of my comfort zone, taking risks, doing the things I've wanted to do but have put off because of lame reasons like not liking heights. 

so the question is - will you join me in injecting moments of volcanicity into your life? if so why not enter the Volvic competition to win access to some awesome events!

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