Tuesday, 22 January 2013

ladybird likes

1. love love love these gorgeous DIY storage boxes // 2.  I think these might be the most incredible shoes I have ever seen - I bet they'd give me really bad blisters though! // 3. oooohhhh another thing to add to the 'when I have my house I want this in it' list... gold polka dot shower curtain, what's not to love?

4. even though I used to make them at Brownies when I was a kid, I still have a huge soft spot for painted pine cones, especially when they are painted in colours as gorgeous as these! // 5. I wish my workspace looked as pretty as this one // 6. I can't even handle the colours of this rainbow coloured cheesecake - I don't think I could eat it though, it's way too pretty!


  1. ooooo! So many beautiful pastel colours! I like all these things too! Cute!

  2. I want a tidy, pretty workspace too. Mine is a bit sad looking!

  3. I love pretty painted hat boxes!! I have one that I am thinking needs to be updated!! :)

  4. Such lovely things, but my heart actually fluttered at the site of the cheesecake. So sweet!



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