Sunday, 20 January 2013

snow day

 yeah, I know, everyone is blogging about the snow right now - but it's such a rarity in the UK (well, in the London suburbs anyway) that I can't resist jumping on the bandwagon! mostly I've been hiding indoors whilst the snow is on the ground. being a clumsy person at the best of times, walking around on ice is just asking for trouble. but today I went out on a walk round the park with my family and the pupster.

Jasper LOVES the snow! he acts like a puppy, running around, jumping in it, trying to catch snowballs. it's the cutest sight, especially as he has been rather poorly this past week, so it's so good to see him running around.

don't be fooled by those puppy dog eyes - he's after the doggy treats I had in my pocket to bribe him with (whenever I point a camera at him he physically turns around so I can't get a picture. the only way to get a good photo is to hold doggy treats by the lens!)

this church and graveyard are cute at the best of times, but in the snow they look like something off the front of an old-fashioned Christmas card!

I was getting really jealous seeing photos on blogs/instagram of people finding really massive icicles - so I was extremely pleased when we found these hanging off a garage roof!

and lastly, possibly the most terrifying snowman you ever did see - more of a 'snow hulk' with that face and those abs!

what have you all been up to in the snow? hope you're all keeping toasty warm and safe? this week looks set to be super busy, so I'm going to rest up this evening in preparation, watching The Walking Dead on DVD with a cup of tea and biscuits!


  1. love everything about this post! cute little Jasper, the beautiful snow, and the lovely photos of the graveyard. sigh.

  2. Great trick the one with Jasper :)

    Beautiful snow photos! Here in Portugal it's only could and raining. I'm sick of rain!!!!!


  3. My town is in a basin so the snow doesn't really sit here! Went home to see my parents yesterday though and they had tonnes. I still love it like I'm a kid! x

  4. I love how snow makes everything look so magical and peaceful. These are really lovely pics and your dog is the very cutest! :)

  5. We have hardly had any snow :( Only a few flakes but nothings settled! Your dog is so cute, enjoy the snow while it lasts :)
    Rachelle x

  6. Jasper is so adorable! Love your snow photographs, especially the one of the church.

  7. Jasper is the cutest little thing! Love all of your photos, i love the snow, feels very christmassy!

  8. These photos are all so enchanting!! I wish we got snow about these parts!! :(
    Jasper is such a cutie!! i'm glad he is feeling better!! xoxo

  9. Jasper is so sweet and cheeky looking! I bet he just loved the snow.
    Lovely pictures, the one of the church is really nice.

  10. these are lovely, I might insist that you make more time for taking photos everyday :) my parents dog always turns from camera too, dogs are strange lol

  11. I think this is the straw that broke the camel's back: I'm going to have to do a snow post as well! That is one MEAN looking snowman :)

  12. Oh hello Jasper! He is so cute! Dogs in snow are the best. I just found your blog through Ella and I'm so glad I did, looking forward to reading more :) xx


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