Tuesday, 15 January 2013

ladybird likes

1. this beautiful handmade fabric bunting would make the perfect backdrop for my photoshoot next month - I have lots of vintage fabrics stashed away which I think would make wonderful bunting // 2. if this was my room I'd be the happiest kiddo ever // 3. I'm in love with these incredible clay handpainted faces by the uber talented Steffie Brocoli // 4. I want some of these confetti filled balloons at every birthday from now until the day I die // 5. you know you're getting old when few things give you greater joy than seeing bouquets of gorgeous flowers.


  1. I want those balloons too :)

  2. ooooh! I love all those little box/cubbyholes on the wall!! Makes me want to hang up something like that in my room now! :)


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