Tuesday, 4 December 2012

crafty fox market

attention all craft lovers - there is an AWESOME craft/vintage market taking place this weekend. if you haven't already heard of Crafty Fox Market, and you live in London, then shame on you. it's one of the best craft markets around, and is always packed full of the best selection of makers you ever did see. of, and us. yup, Ladybird Likes will be setting up their (extremely tiny) stall at The Dogstar this Sunday to sell our wares. if you haven't started your christmas shopping yet (yup, I'm included in that) then this is bsically a one-stop shop for all your git-buying requirements. plus you will be supporting independent designers and makers, and saving the environment. guilt-free shopping at its best.

so head to Brixton this weekend - and remember if you come along on the Sunday, be sure to say hello to me and my sister on the Ladybird Likes stall. if you mention my blog you will get an extra little goodie, whether you buy something from us or not!

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