Wednesday, 5 December 2012

list 47: Christmassy things I want to do this year, even if it means I have to stop working

it's no secret that I love christmas. it's definitely the best time of year, and is a great excuse to do lots of fun things, see friends and family, and obviously eat a LOT of food. like many people though, christmas is my busiest time of year - lots of overtime clocked at work, lots of people to see, odd jobs to do... this year though me and my bestie Dee started making a list of fun Christmassy things that we want to do during the festive period, and I'm determined to do as many of them as possible! here is our list, plus a few of my own...

1. go on a night drive and count how many christmas trees we can see lit up

2. bake snowflake cookies and other yummy treats with Miss Phoebe (that girl seriously LOVES to bake!)

3. make a playlist of all my favourite Christmas songs (including some choice picks from the Destiny's Child and She and Him Christmas albums, obviously)

4. go ice skating somewhere magical (we are thinking Natural History Museum as they have an incredible outdoor ice rink this time of year)

5. drink mulled wine

6. spend a whole day in our PJs wrapped up in blankets watching some traditional Christmas movies (Elf, Miracle on 34th Street, Muppet's Christmas Carol) plus some less traditional ones... Black Christmas, YES. (if it has Christmas in the title it is definitely still a Christmas film, right?)

7. go to a carol service (I want to go the one in Westminster Abbey when the kids sing, because in my head it's like the scene in Home Alone, but apparently it's actually a bit creepy to watch children you don't know....and also it's sold out)

8. eat all the mince pies (this was Dee's, I HATE mince pies which I'm actually very sad about!)

9. visit a traditional Christmas market

10. have a girl date at Starbucks and try all their seasonal hot drinks (hello gingerbread latte my old friend)

11. take Miss Phoebe to visit Santa and try to keep her believing in him for one more year (she is in that in between stage at the moment, and I want her to believe for as long as possible as she's only seven years old!)

12. spend time with my nearest and dearest

what things do you love doing at Christmas time? do you have any traditions at all or do you not enjoy Christmas very much?


  1. I love Christmas! I love putting on a Christmas film whilst I wrap all my presents- definitely my favourite thing to do x

  2. I love this post, got me even more excited about Christmas. Just a heads up on the mince pie front, I have always hated them but I tried one of Heston Blumenthal's the other day and they're delicious. There's not really any filling, it's more like a fruit loaf with a gingerbread base and comes with tangerine sugar, soooo good!

  3. I love wrapping christmas presents - i normally do it all in one go even if the gifts have been bought weeks apart. Definitely agree with the playlist ritual and baking - its always spiced biscuits in our house! x

  4. your list sounds wonderful, christmas is a busy time of year in our house hold

  5. I love watching Christmas films! They're showing Gremlins and The Muppet Christmas Carol at my local cinema so I will definitely being going to see them on Christmas Eve. I also enjoy a bit of Christmas horror and can recommend Saint and Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale.


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