Wednesday, 7 November 2012

a day at the zoo (part 2)

as promised, here is part two of my photos from mine and Emma's day trip to London Zoo....

Emma enjoying a light lunch with the goats

we are so cool we take pictures of ourselves in mirrors whilst at the zoo

 gorilla kingdom where we saw not a single gorilla!

oh, you know, just riding a tortoise around

the giraffe section was our second favourite, after the penguins, not least because it protected us from the rain for a good half an hour!

 ZOE THE ZEBRA (it wasn't really called Zoe, but shhhhh)

all in all it was a pretty awesome day out at the zoo - it was nice to just wander and chat and take photos without any real plan. when I was younger I used to love going to the zoo (or anywhere that had animals) and I'm glad that I still enjoy them as much now as I did then (although probably for different reasons!)

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