Tuesday, 6 November 2012

a day at the zoo (part 1)

last week my bestie Emma came to stay over for a few days and we decided to go on a little zoo adventure. she wanted to get inspiration for her illustrations (she is studying Children's Book Illustration) and I wanted to take photos and wander. although the weather left a lot to be desired (hello rain and freezing cold wind) it was such a great day just having time together doing something totally different! here are part one of my photos...

emma, loving her life right now in the freezing cold

i think we were both in agreement that the penguins were the best part of the whole zoo

 this little guy was acting really strangely - we sat by the penguin enclosure for a good 45 minutes and he spent the whole time lying on his stomach off to one side not moving!


 the lion enclosure and its scary warning

part two of the photos are coming tomorrow, plus I have separate blog posts for my photos of the butterfly house and of some of Emma's drawings from the day :) have any of you been to London Zoo? or another zoo that you really enjoyed?


  1. Those little penguins are so cute!! it looks like you two had a lovely day at the zoo!!

  2. What a really pretty zoo! And....I want a penguin now Dx


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