Thursday, 8 November 2012

the butterfly house

I completely forgot they had a butterfly house at London Zoo. not quite sure how, but I did. as a kid I remember going into one (not sure where, but it wasn't this one) and thinking it was something out of a fairytale, with butterflies flitting around you, and landing on you if you stood still long enough. I still found them just as fascinating, and could have stood in there for hours just watching them and taking photos. I'm just sad that my film camera only has a fixed lens - I wanted to take closeups of their wings as research, but I had to settle for admiring them from a distance!


my butterfly necklaces were inspired by my experiences as a child in a butterfly house - even then I remember thinking I wish I could catch one and keep it, but being as delicate as they are that wouldn't be possible. so the next best thing is having one you can wear, even if it's not a real one!


  1. Love this! I have one near my house back home and havent been in ages, definitely take a trip there soon x

  2. lovely shots, theres actually somewhere similar to this in Leeds too - perhaps we'll go if you come up again :)

  3. Oh how I want to go to a butterfly house! I love catching butterflies and moths in my hands, looking at them for a few seconds, then letting them fly again. So pretty <3


  4. Amazing photos! And such pretty butterflies. <3


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