Monday, 22 October 2012

ladybird likes

 1. still obsessed with feather head-dresses - this pastel one is so pretty  // 2. this tote bag by Zoe de Las Cases is too adorable - she also does one with an owl and one with a wolf (definitely a girl after my own heart!)  // 3. this incredible photo of an incredible place - I'm daydreaming of a wintery break, hiding in a log cabin somewhere snowy, drinking hot chocolate by an open fire.

4.  sometimes the simplest DIY ideas are the best - like these cute as a button polka dot stamped paper cups from oh happy day // 5. this greeting card is perfect - although I don't think I'd be able to part with it! // 6. I want one of these rings by A Merry Mishap in every colour please - aren't they amazing?


  1. Urgh, I wish I could just go live somewhere like picture 3! How blissful.

    Alli xx


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