Tuesday, 11 September 2012

portobello road

way, way, way back in June one of my most favourite people in the whole world came to London for a visit. Kate and I have been friends since university (8 years ago, SHEESH that's a long time) but she lives in the good old US of A normally. our visits are few and far between for obvious reasons, but she got hitched at the end of May, and stopped over in London for a few days as part of her honeymoon. I had the BEST two days with her and her awesome hubby, Ryan - it was so nice exploring London as if I was a tourist, although I took hardly any photos, I was too busy having a blast. But I took a few shots on Portobello Road - it's one of my most favourite parts of London, but I've never really taken any photos there before!

 literally the most incredible collection of vintage cameras you ever did see


 how adorable are these little balcony gardens - I love how colourful they are

 these painted houses have always made me incredibly happy - I have no idea why you wouldn't paint your house a bright colour


 this is how old these photos are - Moonrise Kingdom was still showing at the cinema!

Oh and Kate, if you read this, I MISS YOU (and Ryan) and can you please come back soon. As in next month?


  1. I love that all the buildings are bright colors + all those vintage cameras are so magnificent!! Looks like you three had a lovely time!! xo

  2. Ooh, vintage camera heaven! I too would paint my house a vibrant colour if I lived in that street. I like the dark blue (grey?) one in the middle. Would look ace with window boxes stuffed with red geraniums I reckon.

  3. Loving the brightly coloured houses! I miss this place, used to live on a street just off it about 10 years ago x

  4. oh oh oh those cameras! drool! and portobello road seems so colorful and amazing. must visit england!

  5. that looks like a very cute & quirky place!


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