Thursday, 13 September 2012

early mornings are my favourite

it's so nice having some film photos to blog rather than my digital ones (or photos taken by other people.) I tend to only shoot film when I go out somewhere which, as I have been so crazily busy with Ladybird Likes stuff, hasn't happened very often! I realise my blog has probably been a little boring and samey as a result, but I'm aiming to take at least one afternoon off each week so I can go out and do something fun, and hopefully take some photos at the same time.

you may find my title for this blog post a bit odd - I know not everyone likes early mornings. I don't some of the time. when I was at school you needed a crowbar to extract my from my bed in the morning. but, as I've grown older I've also grown to love early mornings. I love that feeling of being awake while everyone else is asleep, and of getting things accomplished early on and having the rest of the day free.

one of my favourite early morning activites (ooer!) is a trip to Columbia Road Flower Market. I've blogged about this place many times before - I absolutely adore it. We go there early (about 7am) to get what we want and get out before the hordes of people arrive.  Here are a few snaps from our most recent visit.

there is always such awesome street art in East London

 a super cute window display in one of the vintage shops - sadly it was closed so I couldn't go in and have a nose (which was probably a good thing!)

 rows and rows of the prettiest flowers you ever did see (I love lupins so much)

 taking photos of my feet because I'm wearing my favourite converse

 chairs made from old American licence plates - they look pretty uncomfortable though

do you like getting up early? or are you a late riser? what things do you like doing early in the morning? I think my car boot sale addiction started my love of getting up early - I always associate early morning with car boot sales, or with going on holiday, both of which are pretty great things!


  1. Ohhh, these are so soft and pretty, I love them. Hurray for film :)

    I didn't used to like morning but I find them so much more productive now and I fade out about mid afternoon.

  2. I love your blog! That is all.

  3. aw these are so pretty. i love LUPINS!

  4. I hate the act of getting up early, but if I can force myself out of bed I love being up and about before the crowds, walking along almost empty streets.

    Your photos are beautiful.

  5. I am not really a morning person, but I do agree with you about loving being up while everyone else is slumbering away. Beautiful photos! I love the flowers + your amazing blue shoes!! :)

  6. Oh I saw those license plate chairs when I went and loved them! I actually went at the end of the day which didn't seem too busy, and they were trying to get rid of everything cheap too!

    I love getting up early when I can drag myself out of slumber....and getting up super early still feels like going on holiday as a kid! There's something about the chill night air that puts me right back to long car journeys to exciting places!

  7. I really am going to have to use film more often. What camera do you take your films shots with?

    Morgue x

  8. sweet photos! love your chucks! and the chairs - though they do look uncomfortable.

    I go to a saturday market almost every week, but hardly ever early in the morning! I'm one of the wake up at 10am and then nosey on down in my own good time sort :)

  9. i liked early mornings when we were renovating, now i like to sleep in :)
    what quirky & pretty places you've passed by with your camera


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