Monday, 17 September 2012

ladybird likes

1. I adore this photo of Sofia Coppola who I think is pretty much one of the most awesome ladies ever // 2. no idea what these are but it appeals to my love of lining things up neatly // 3. this hairstyle is so beautiful - need to find some way of replicating it... // 4. my dream caravan (except the pink bit would be mint green eep!) // 5. these nutella filled doughnut balls are basically my idea of heaven


  1. I bloody love Sofia Coppola. There's just something really likeable and enigmatic about her isn't there? Plus she makes brilliant films, of course! I love all the things you love this week. Teehee.

  2. That hairstyle is just adorable! And I am soooo tempted by those nutella bites, nyoms!

  3. So adorable!! I want a vintage caravan so badly! i think they're the cutest things ever!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  4. I recently cut all my hair off and the one thing I miss about long hair is being able to play with it! That braid is gorgeous and I can't wait until I can try it out myself! Also...OMG. NUTELLA. FILLED. DONUTS. Why have I never eaten one of these?! haha

  5. Ohh, I dream of having a caravan too! I wasted hours last night setting up a wee pinterest board so that I could pin pictures of my dream caravans/touring caravans/motorhomes and their interiors <3 The picture you just posted is definitely going on the board! :)

    Morgue x

  6. The 2 are paper flowers by french artist Lyndie Dourthes!


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