Monday, 20 August 2012

ladybird likes


1. a black and white layer cake is pretty high on my list of things I would like to eat right now // 2. if I could time travel back to the 1960s then I like to think I could be the woman in this photo (also, really need to find a dinosaur park to take photos at) // 3. my 17 year old inner self really wants this constellation tattoo on my back // 4. this sign makes me smile a lot // 5. if I owned this chevron swimsuit then I think I would pretty much live in it 

(as a side note, I find these images over on pinterest, and more and more I'm finding it almost impossible to track down the original source of images. it makes me not want to share them, as I hate not crediting the people who take these photos/make these things. so many images are pinned from weheartit and from tumblr accounts, and I end up just clicking back through a maze of links trying to reach the original source, but never getting there. does anyone else have the same problem? anyone have tricks for finding where an image came from originally?)


  1. If you're into black and white just now, you would LOVE the new cowl I just knitted :)

    I hate not being able to find image sources. I like to credit people, and also I like to be able to fine where the things I like have come from. Not pinning proper images totally ruins both these things!

  2. I love that black and white cake. I didn't know you were on Pinterest so I'll hop on over and add you now. The only place I know so far with dinosaurs is Wookey Hole in Somerset but they only have a few. Still, it's definitely worth a trip - great fun. xx

    Endometriosis my life with you

  3. I really really really want that tattoo on my back too!!

  4. You can find previous uses of images using Google (see this explanatory post: or try searching TinEye: :)

  5. I love the swimsuit too!!!

    Also, you can use Google to search for images as someone mentioned above, its pretty handy.


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