Thursday, 23 August 2012

list 43: horror movies that I would recommend

Tomorrow my sister and I embark on a journey to our spiritual home, where we become at one with our true selves and bond with other likeminded spirits. Yes, it is time for Frightfest 2012. Frightfest is an annual horror film festival held at the Empire cinema in Leicester Square. And, in case you didn't know, me and my sister and sort of horror movie geeks. Between us we must own several hundred horror/thriller DVDs, yet we still have huge long lists of ones to watch! We will be watching 17 films over four days this bank holiday weekend, so to get myself in the mood for some serious horror I thought I'd compile a just for fun list of some of my all-time favourite horror movies. These films cover everything from slasher, to zombies, to vampires, to cannibals.

1. Rec
2. 28 Days Later
3. A Tale of Two Sisters
4. Martyrs
5. The Loved Ones
6. Switchblade Romance
7. Midnight Son
8. We Are What We Are
9. Scream (this is probably the film that got me into horror movies!)
10. Battle Royale
11. The Descent
12. Frontiers
13. 30 Days of Night
14. Eden Lake
15. Drag Me To Hell
16. House of 1000 Corpses
17. The Divide
18. The Eye (the original Japanese one, not the crapheap with Jessica Alba!)
19. Ginger Snaps
20. Let the Right One In
21. My Little Eye
22. The Strangers

I could easily triple this list, but figured it would probably get a bit boring! But if any of you are big horror fans and would like more recommendations then just drop me an email or something. AND if anyone can recommend any good horror flicks for us to watch then that would be awesome! Oh, and I will be blogging next week about the films we are watching at Frightfest so if you like horror then watch out for that! xoxo


  1. Fantastic list! I am obsessed with watching horror movies even though they terrify me! I will definitely check a few of these out, I have seen a heap of them!

  2. Great list! Haven't heard of some of these so will definitely be checking them out! Me and the boy are majorly in to horror movies and especially like older 70's ones. I don't really think you can beat the classics of The Omen, Amityville or Polterguist films but the Entity is also one of my favourites. I tend to go for the ghosty films. I know it gets a lot of stick but Paranormal Activity scares the bejesus out of me! Also love classics like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Black Christmas, Carrie and I spit on your Grave (though prefer the new version of this) and of course, love zombie films. David Cronenberg has some fantastic old films too. Oh and Reanimator is definitely worth checking out if for little more than the cat. Fright fest sounds fantastic. Have a great time. xx

    Endometriosis my life with you

  3. Brilliant! Haven't heard of lots of these, so I shall add these to the 'must see' list!

    The boyf and I have a Valentines tradition of staying in with a take out and a horror film, and we always need recommendations! Ta!

  4. #2, 9, 13 + 15 are frighteningly fantastic!! I hope you have fun on your horror movie adventure!! :) (But if you get a call from someone asking what is your favorite scary movie is, hang up and never pick up the phone again!!) :)

  5. Ooo such great list! I don't recognise some of them so will be checking them out! Thank you ;)
    Gotta love Battle Royale!
    Have you seen Cabin In The Woods? It's kind of a comedy based on the horror genre, it's quite weird but perhaps worth a watch.
    Looking forward to your Frightfest review! I lived in London for the past few years and didn't know it existed :/
    Caroline. x
    p.s Thank you for my gorgeous necklaces and brooches! Your packaging is sooo pretty too :)))

  6. Great list, I love nearly all of these! Martyrs, Frontiers and We are what we are are some of my all time favs. Anf of course Battle Royale. Oh there's too many!

    Another of my favs is Funny Games, have you watched that?

  7. Ohhh I love Horror Films! I'd definitely like to see an extended list :)

    Allie x

  8. scream was the first horror movie i ever watched, it was actually on last night here (which is a little freaky)
    it still gave me shivers when i was alone :|

  9. Rec made me scream like a baby and jump so high my glass of wine ended up all over me and the sofa. Great film! x


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