Monday, 6 August 2012

ladybird likes

 1. this incredible kombi camper van turned ice cream truck/coffee stop is my absolute dream // 2. this narwhal necklace is on my wish list right now // 3. one day I want to have hair just like this please

4. KnitKnit's adorable embroidered necklaces are totally swoon-worthy - you can buy them in her wonderful Etsy shop // 5. I try to remind myself of this quote whenever I get stressed out and have lots of deadlines // 6. I've added this beautiful place in Prague to my list of places to visit before I die...


  1. That camper van is dreamy! Been looking at them lately and dreaming of buying one to head round Europe in...

  2. omg - this van ist absolute gorgeous! i like! and i also want to have hair like this!
    your pics are awsome!!! great blog!

  3. I'd love a little coffee stop like that camper van. Can't wait to be able to drive so I can get one and travel round the UK and Europe. I second Laura! xx

  4. aww i could sit for hours at that van drinking coffee :) x

  5. Lovely post full of lovely things, very inspirational, as usual :) x


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