Wednesday, 8 August 2012

list 42: things I would like for my birthday...

As you may already know, tomorrow is my birthday. Although I will be turning 26 (shock, horror, gasp) I am very much looking forward to it. I don't see birthdays as just being about getting another year older, but rather as a good point in the year to look back and reflect on what I have achieved, and to set myself goals for the year ahead. Oh, and of course to eat lots of cake, get lots of presents, and spend quality time with my loved ones. Obviously. I always make a birthday wishlist a few weeks before the big day, and thought I'd share some of the things I'd like to get!

1.  a custom totem from le animale (I'd love love love a narwhal - they are my current obsession!)

2. a mint green Nissan Figaro (my dream car - swoon)

3. this awesome t-shirt from Finest Imaginary

4. lots of TV series DVDs (including Mad Men, My So-Called Life, True Blood, Arrested Development, and The Wire)

5. another pair of brothel creepers - particularly these lovely ones

6. a weekend away with my BFF

7. a giant dwarf constellation crown

8. a life-sized cardboard cutout of Matthew Gray Gubler (I don't think this actually exists, but if someone could make me one that would be ACE thanks)

9. an LC-A camera

10. a subscription to Oh Comely magazine

11. this super cute iphone cover

12. Wes Anderson related wall art of any kind

13. lots of instax film so I can take lots more photos

14. plane tickets to America

15. this adorable sleepy king fox plush

16. cupcakes from Hummingbird Bakery

I don't expect to get any of these things, but I do love making lists and daydreaming about all the things I'd like!


  1. What a lovely list! Think I might have to do this too :) I love writing lists!
    That car is my dream car too! Wish I could drive so I could save up and get one!

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow!xxx

  2. aww happy birthday for tommorow - hope you have a lovely day!
    The nissan figaro is my dream car too, well apart from a classic vw beetle! hope you get some things of the wishlist!

    lucy xx

  3. I'm sure you've allready seen these but just in case:

    Have a tip top birthday!

  4. awww!! That narwhal necklace is SO cute!! I also love the Giant Dwarf, she is so amazing! (have one of her flowered headbands, but her star one was just a bit out of my price range but I found this headband second best. I just love it, it is so comfortable + looks terrific! )
    Happy (almost!) birthday Zoe!! xoxo

  5. I stumbled across Ladybird Likes this evening and blimey, we have plenty in common - a narwhal obsession and Figaro (mint green but also topaz mist) fetish for starters. I bought a hand-drawn Moonrise Kingdom mini poster last week and it made me quite blue to think I'm the only Wes Anderson fan I know but now I know there are others! :-)

    Jem xXx

    P.S Love My So Called Life

  6. Oh man! I so need to watch that again! And if you've not seen the Wire, you are in for a treat!!!
    The little mint figaro is one of my favourites too....actually a friend of mine actually bought one by accident, but he's a guy so it's not quite as cool!
    I'm also pretty keen on getting an LC-A too....have you tried it? I got to try out the Wide version at a bloggers event recently...I really want it now!

  7. happy birthday! hope you've had a splendid day and perhaps even got something from your list? xx


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