Monday, 16 July 2012

ladybird likes

 1. these super cute owl shortbread cookies // 2. this beautiful embroidery stitch sampler // 3. this picture perfect holiday spot that I wish I was visiting right now

 4. these awesome art installation pieces by Mikko Kuorinki have inspired me // 5. the wonderful Tavi Gevinson in an equally wonderful floral crown // 6. how can you not find this fox cub adorable?


  1. Totally making those owl cookies! So cute!

  2. + Those owl cookies are SO cute!!
    + I wish I was at that beach under a bright umbrella with a book in my hands right now!!
    + LOVE that quote
    + I think that fox would make an adorable pet!! :)

  3. Ah those cookies are a great idea. A do like a baking project that's effective but also looks easy enough to recreate from a photo.


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