Monday, 9 April 2012

spring has sprung

My main reason for wanting to visit our local park last week was to view the blossom - it's something I look forward to every year as, for me, it really marks the start of springtime. It was also a nice excuse to leave the house and stretch my legs, and I thought I should make the most of the spring sunshine while it lasted...

 I adore this season - everything is growing and it feels so new and exciting. Every time I go to the park the trees have changed, and they have more buds opening, and more flowers sprouting.

Miss Phoebe decided to bring along one of my vintage baskets to collect some 'nature treasures' in - we had a lot of fun hunting for leaves, and feathers, and bits of fallen blossom to fill our basket with

 oh, and in case you were wondering, that's my Dad in the photos below, and he is carrying big twigs around like a nutcase (they are to be spray painted and decorated as an Easter tree - he doesn't actually make a habit of collecting bits of trees!)

 I love watching the sky change - it went from blue, to pastel shades, to a full on sunset in the time it took us to walk around half of the park!

I really hope spring comes back soon as I do love it!


  1. these pictures are so beautiful! i love all of them...especially the first ones of the white blossoms on the tree. so gorgeous!


  2. I can't stop taking pictures of blossom at the moment, every time I see some I have to whip the camera out! I hope the nice weather comes back soon too, I've had enough of winter's rain for now! Beautiful pictures (and great idea for the spray painted easter tree!)

  3. I hope it does too, mostly to take pretty pics like these :)


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