Sunday, 8 April 2012

ladybird likes

these bear pancakes make me so happy (they are from a Bear Museum - heck yes)


  1. this was a truly inspirational post. seeing collections of such creative things makes me so happy. if i had a house with stairs i would paint them like that immediately. also as a craftsperson i applaud you for appreciating the handmade.

  2. It took a while but I've just finished reading your blog from the beginning. It's lovely, you are really inspiring from the photographs you take to opening your own etsy store (which I love.) Even though I love where I live you've kind off made me want to move to London there always looks like there something new to do everyday (and also your dog Jasper is adorable.) Thank you for inspiring me in many ways, I now want to go to many car boot sales and have lots of ideas floating around in my head. Keep up the hard/good work.

    Love Hannah. x


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