Tuesday, 10 April 2012

List 29: things I am not very good at

So this list is by no means definitive. I'm not very good at a LOT of things. It would probably be easier to write a list of things I am good at, and maybe I will. But right now I'm feeling very self-deprecating, so here we go...

1. sports - any kind of sports or any physical activity really, with the exception of swimming and dance. If it requires strength, stamina, or any form of hand-eye coordination, then I will be awful at it. PE lessons at school were my own personal torture. Never pick me for your sports team people.

2. making pastry. Cakes, I am awesome at, even if I do say so myself. But I have never successfully made pastry.

3. saving money. You know that stereotype about women being unable to stop shopping? Yeah, pretty sure that is my fault. I'm not a big spender, in fact quite the opposite. But whilst I balk at spending £50 on a pair of shoes, I will happily spend £50 buying 100 items at 50p each at a car boot sale. If there is money in my bank account, it won't last long.

4. trying new things - when I find something I like, I stick to it. Like superglue. Change scares me, and although I will happily swan off to another country on my own for weeks on end, and try new things there, I will always come back to the things I know. I always get my coffee from Starbucks - why would I get it from somewhere else and risk not liking it? Okay, maybe I will love it even more than Starbucks, but that is not a risk I'm willing to take. And that is just coffee.

5. not getting my own way - I must have been spoilt as a child or something, because I really hate not getting my own way. This may also go a long way to explaining why I am single.

6. waiting for anything - I'm the most impatient person ever. It doesn't matter what I'm waiting for; food in a restaurant, a reply to an email, a package to arrive; I HATE WAITING.

7. not being good at things - I hate not being the best at things. It's not that I am competitive, I just like to be naturally good at things, I like to get the best marks, to win the prize. When  I don't I get a bit bratty (see point number 5!)

What things are you not very good at? Let's all use this blog post as a free form of therapy. Share your own shortcomings here people! xo


  1. Oh I completely agree with a lot of this (though I can't swim or follow dance routines)!!
    Particularly the point about not being good at things and getting my own way. I'm a nightmare :) x

  2. Ohh, I definitely match 2, 5, 6 and 7 - I think the pastry is because I have too hot/cold hands... its pretty annoying as I love pastry!

    6 prob annoys me the most about myself as I'm too impatient to even wait for my nails to dry and I always smudge them!

  3. I'm not a big fan of trying new things. For years i'd never tried a sauce on my subway but I did recently and it was nice though I was very nervous about it!haha...

    I'm not good at sticking to a diet.

    I'm not that great at sticking up for myself but i'll always stick up for others.

    Getting stuff done: I tend to procrastinate...I think about getting stuff done...but unfortunatley it's not as good as ACTUALLY getting the stuff done.

    and i'm the same about coffee :)

  4. Pretty much agreeing with all of them!

  5. I feel like we must be the same person because I am the exact same with all of these except the one about change, that is something I don't mind. But as for all the others, I couldn't agree with you more!


  6. I'm completely with you on #3 and #6!! I'm also not very good and self confidence...kind of struggle with that!

  7. I completely agree with most of these! I've always been the worst at sports!
    When it comes to waiting, I can't stand it! Especially if it's to see a doctor or dentist! Big hate!
    x x x

  8. Hi Zoe
    I'm a shocking dancer, hate waiting in queues and will drive miles out of my way so that I don't have to sit in traffic and could do with being more assertive.

    Isn't it funny how comfortable we all are with sharing our faults but I wonder if you had written a post with 'things I'm good at' whether people would be as keen to share or whether we'd feel self conscious about bigging ourselves up?
    Jo :)

  9. Ohhhhhhhhgirl. I think we share the same brain or something. I'm right there with ya on almost every single number on the list. Impatience, wanting to be naturally good at things, but especially this one: "But whilst I balk at spending £50 on a pair of shoes, I will happily spend £50 buying 100 items at 50p each at a car boot sale". This is true for me like nobody's business. I hate dropping a chunk of money on one thing, but will spend the same amount on a lot of thrifted/garage sailed whathaveyou. It's ridiculous. It's good to know I'm not the only one! Thank you for this awesome post (though I don't think it's self-deprecating so much as just being real, which I THOROUGHLY appreciate).

    PS I'm rubbish at saying no to people, which ends in me taking on way more than I can handle at times. Slowly working on that (:

  10. i suck at all tyes of sport as well


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